“You Can’t Compete On My Level”

Someone said that to me today.

It’s 100% true.

He’s been doing this for 30 years, and he’s goddamned good at it.  Unlike most people, he doesn’t have 1 year of experience 30 times over, or even 5 years of experience 6 times over.  He’s truly got 30 years of experience.

There’s simply no way I can compete with that.  And really, I never will be able to compete with that, because, until he’s dead or quits, he’ll always have 30 years more experience than I will.

But, he’ll never have something I have.  He’ll never have my youth.  He’ll never have the time I have.  He’s got a family and employees to support.  He’s got little league games and graduations and charity events to attend.  He’s got a million different people and obligations sucking at his time.

There’s no point in trying to compete with him on experience.  I’ll never win.

There’s plenty of people don’t need that experience but do need their hand held.  There’s plenty of people who need to be able to call somebody and talk to them at any time.  There’s plenty of people who need somebody to pour all their energy into their problem and make them feel special.

Those are the people he’ll never be able to please.

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One Response to “You Can’t Compete On My Level”

  1. Shanna Mann says:

    Great SWOT analysis. You nailed it.

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