You Are Not Too Busy

Richard Branson owns and operates more than 400 companies under his Virgin Group.  He sells everything from music to trips to space.

He sets world records on sailboats and hot-air balloons.

He appears in movies and television shows.  He writes books.

He runs charities and supports a plethora of causes.

He’s involved in politics.

He travels around the world, living on an island in the Caribbean, or in England, or at his game reserve in South Africa, or his palace in Morocco, or at any of the hundreds of places he may be to give a speech, or hold a meeting, or make an appearance, or support some worthy cause.

He does all this, and still finds time to work out every day.

If you really want to accomplish something, plan out the steps you are going to take to accomplish it.  If you don’t really want to accomplish something, move on to something else. Whimpering that you were just “too busy” to do it is delusional.

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