Who Are You?

I’ve been posting a lot of quotes lately, mostly because I’ve been incredibly busy studying for and taking the bar, and partly because the extra motivation helps.  Some of my favorite ideas have come from Marcus Aurelius and his “book” called Meditations.  I say “book” because it wasn’t meant to be a book at all, and it’s probably better to think of the collection of writings as a journal to himself.  Emperor Marcus Aurelius recorded his thoughts not only so he could work out what he really felt and thought about the world, but also so he could go back and read these thoughts when his emotions got the better of him.  In a very real sense, his Meditations were his personal manifesto.  They were what he aspired to be and how he aspired to act at all times.

While the writings are fascinating and enlightening, especially when you consider that these were the humble aspirations of the most powerful man on earth at the time, there’s no reason for a personal manifesto to be something only the extremely successful, rich or powerful possess.  Really, everyone should have one.

In a way, this blog has become my personal manifesto, in an extremely sketchy form.  But even still, I’d like to have something compact, that I can flip through when I need to be reminded of how I want to live my life.  And so, I’m starting to write a personal manifesto.  I have no idea what form it will take or how long or short it will be, but it seems like a necessary step to me.

What say you?  Have you written a personal manifesto yet?  Is it a single sentence?  A paragraph?  A book?  There seems to be a delicate balance between how concisely you state your goals, so that reviewing them doesn’t simply become cliche, and how lengthy you state them so that they’re still accessible and actionable.

Definitely something to consider.  I think this could have as much or more impact on my life than time tracking.  I’ll keep you posted…

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2 Responses to Who Are You?

  1. I had a similar experience a few months ago – just sat down, with a notebook and pencil, and wrote everything that came to mind until there was nothing more to say. From there, ideas came such as ‘I need to be an active participant in my life, otherwise I’m passively living according to someone else’s ideas’, etc. It did start with some very mundane thoughts (‘it’s the weekend and I’m feeling tired’ etc.) but ended up in a form that you could call a manifesto. You can try it if you want. Some people call it ‘freewriting’, there is a similar technique called ‘morning pages’ – the idea being you put your wandering thoughts on paper to clear your mind and probably get to know yourself better. Good luck with the manifesto 🙂

  2. C. K. Kumar says:

    When you ask that question Who am I ?
    You are that question.
    That is mind

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