Who Am I

When I see those paparazzi pictures of Fat Kevin Federline, sometimes sporting dopey cornrows, sometimes waddling across some anonymous poolside deck with beer in hand, I imagine a guy who does not know who he is, what he is supposed to be doing, or how he wound up in the unexpected circumstances of his own life.  This is how I feel about myself 90 percent of the time.

– Michael Ian Black, You’re Not Doing It Right

It’s comforting to remind ourselves that we’re not unique, special little snowflakes.  Even those people smarter, better looking, and more successful have the same fears, self-doubt, and wonder.  Everyone steps back and wonders how the hell they got here and what the hell they’re doing.  Totally normal.

The most successful among us simply make the most of those lucid moments.  They look around, recognize an opportunity, seize onto it, and hang on while life whizzes past.

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