Taking Control of Your Life: Concierge Medicine

Dr. Solis was on the edge of burnout after 21 years of running a traditional medical practice.  Trying to see between 30 and 40 patients a day, keeping track of a roster of over 3,000 patients, and dealing with endless insurance bureaucracy will do that.

Instead of letting his practice spiral out of control and pull his career (and finances) down with it, Dr. Solis took control.  He flipped his practice to a membership service, slashing his patient roster by nearly 90%.  This lets him make housecalls and visit the emergency room when his patients need him.  He gets to spend as much time as he wants with each patient, and most patients get to see him the same day they call for an appointment.  All for only $150/month.

It’s easy to lose control of your life.  Putting your education, your career, or your freedom in someone elses’ hands is the quickest way to do it.  Luckily, even if you lose it, it’s pretty easy to take that control back.  As Dr. Solis demonstrates, all it takes is some thought and planning.

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