Sustained Charity

Most people think of charity is something to be done weekly, monthly, or yearly.  A tithe, or a purged closet to Goodwill, or serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless.

But charity can be practiced on a more immediate, more constant level.

The simplest, and most beneficial, way to do this is to always assume positive intent.  Assume everyone around you means well.  This isn’t all that difficult, because most of the time it’s true.  At worst, nearly the entirety of man is consumed with himself at any given moment.  He’s not malicious.  He doesn’t mean ill.  In fact, man is hardwired to want those around him to be healthy, happy, and successful.

Whenever something can be taken in more than one way, be it a quick remark, or a brief email or a performance review, always view it with charity.

Even when you’re wrong, you’ll still almost always come out ahead.


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