Reclaim Your Mornings With An Automated Wardrobe

It can take my girlfriend 20 minutes to decide what she’s going to wear on a given morning.  That’s 20 minutes not spent enjoying breakfast, or the news, or sportcenter, or working out, or extra working time, or whatever it is you want to do in the morning.  That’s 20 minutes of frustration to start out your day.  That’s terrible.

It literally takes me less than five seconds to decide what to wear on any given day.  Why? My closet has 15 polos and 3 pairs of jeans hanging in it right now.  I grab one of each without thinking.  No matter what I grab, it matches.  No matter what I grab, I look fine.  No thought required.

If this sort of uniform doesn’t work for you, you can still use the same logic to save your mornings: buy things that work together.  Solid shirts go with pretty much any dark suit.  Keep a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes, a small tie collection, and the amount of thinking required each morning drops to about zero.  Just grab and go.

For The Ladies

If you’re convinced you’ll die if you wear the same things in the same combinations over and over again, you’re nuts, but whatever, this logic applies to you too.  It’s only a bit more work.

Set aside a Saturday morning.  Figure out a bunch of different outfits/combinations of clothes.  Photograph each one.  You’ve now got a record of what goes with what and how it looks.  The best part is that it’s been planned ahead of time, so there’s no risk that you get to the office and realize “Oh crap, I was too tired; this doesn’t really go together at all” or “Oh crap, I DO look fat in this”.

Aside from the actual time benefit, the stress reducing aspect of this should not be overlooked.  Fewer things to think about each day means more opportunity to do real work.  Less stress and frustration means more opportunity to do better quality work.

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