Productive Procrastination

Everyone needs a mental break at some point during the day.  It’s biological: mammals are programmed to experience two intensely sleepy periods during the day, the first between 2 and 4 am, and the second between 1 and 3 pm.  This is a result of an afternoon “quiescent phase in our physiology, which diminishes our reaction time, memory, coordination, mood and alertness.”  This is why it’s really easy to waste massive amounts of time after lunch.

Instead of struggling through that time, half-trying to get some work done, half-mindlessly surfing the internet, or playing ping pong, or doing whatever it is you do to procrastinate, plan ahead and dedicate this time to something that requires no real effort or deep thought, but still produces some results.

Plan to use this time for doing things like cleaning out your email inbox or getting some filing done.  Plan to use this time for scheduling meetings, or trips, or an event.  Plan to use this time for things like researching new projects or gathering new ideas.  Whatever you choose to do, plan it out ahead of time.  Sit down at the beginning of the day, or the week, and decide what you’ll do during your procrastination period to be productive.

I guarantee it will be a huge boon.

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