Now Is A Great Time To Be Young

It seems like every day that I hear how hard it is to be young these days.  There’s no jobs, students are laden with debt, etc. etc.

This seems like total bullshit to me.  For example, this NY Times piece about how difficult it is for family practitioners to sell their medical businesses makes my case for the immense opportunity in the world today:

Indeed, younger doctors — half of whom are now women — are refusing to take over these small practices. They want better lifestyles, shorter work days, and weekends free of the beepers, cellphones and patient emergencies that have long defined doctors’ lives. Weighed down with debt, they want regular paychecks instead of shopkeeper risks.

If young people want regular paychecks, they aren’t going to be starting their own businesses.  There’s going to be a massive supply of skilled labor who will need projects to tackle and work to do.  If you can provide that direction, you can achieve amazing things.


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