Nobody Cares About Your Happiness

If you’re lucky, 10 people might care about your happiness.  That’s it.

Some other people might care whether you show up for work.  They might care whether you perform, which means they care that you’re just happy enough not to quit.  But they don’t care about how happy you truly are.  And because they don’t truly care, they’re not going to help you figure it out.

That’s something you need to do for yourself.  Nobody else is going to do it for you.  Nobody else cares.

Note: this knowledge creates massive opportunity.  If you can show you do actually care about someone else’s happiness, they’ll do just about anything for you.

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One Response to Nobody Cares About Your Happiness

  1. janegi says:

    AJ, true enough.
    Maybe you’re an exception because you are trying to help us figure it out.
    Either way I believe it’s up to each of use to make sure we’re as happy, wealthy and fulfilled as we can be, by our own efforts.
    Then, not only are we not a burden to others, we’re an inspiration.
    Like you AJ.

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