Momentum Creates the Ability to Seize Opportunity

Keep yourself as busy as possible.  Good opportunities are going to come up along side you.  It’s a lot easier to steer into one when you’re already moving than it is to try to catch up to one when you’re stationary.

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3 Responses to Momentum Creates the Ability to Seize Opportunity

  1. Nishant says:

    Well said

  2. Lincoln says:

    Always delighted when I see you posted again. I don’t know / remember why you went on a hiatus, but I and your audience feel that delight e’ery time.

  3. FreeTim says:

    Totally agree. Also do some stuff on the side that isn’t part of your main job. It’s fun and a reward of itself; plus it gets noticed as you’re reaching out into areas not expected of you (assuming it helps the firm and isn’t wasteful of your valuable time that is.)

    I had an odd year, and my most successful year (at work) when I replaced every “goal” that was laid out for me with “Totally Bring Myself at my Utmost” this kept me on my assigned tasks and also, kept me super busy into all sorts of side projects because I felt I was the best person for those projects, not because they were my job. While also exceeding at my base job and not ignoring that either (can’t stress enough that if you are going to do side-projects one MUST also maintain one’s expected areas of responsibility too.)

    This combo was hugely useful to the firm and was noticed. It was a lot of work, but due to the opportunities seized upon, it was also a lot of fun. I was able to grow in those areas too (new skills were required to learn, etc.)

    None of the opportunities was foreseen in January, they just came along during the year due to changing business climate. I was so busy, that when they did I was sort of already prepared and ready. It’s hard to explain it!

    Just my story. Others’ mileage may vary.

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