Make Life Easier By Not Deciding

When starting something, whether it’s an exercise routine or a new sleep schedule, or quitting something, like cigarettes or whiskey, conventional wisdom says to do it slowly.  Cut back, or build up, gradually.  Eat 100 less calories each day, or do an extra 10 pushups each day.

This can be effective.  It can also be torturous.  It’s only 11am.  Did I hit my cigarette limit for the whole day yet?  How many calories was in that muffin?  This is tedious, tiresome, and draining.  Those thoughts are always in the back of your mind.  Every time you walk past the office kitchen.  Every time the bartender or waitress comes by.  Every time you see a commercial for whatever it is you want or don’t want to do.

Equally effective, and less torturous, is doing, or quitting immediately.  I do 250 pushups every day.  I don’t drink whiskey on weekdays.  I don’t go to sleep after 10pm.  I don’t smoke/browse the internet/eat sugar before noon/4pm/8pm.  Simple rules.  No decisions to be made.  No brain cycles wasted.

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  1. Sebastien says:

    also, it’s good when you don’t beat yourself over little slips. Sometimes it even makes you recommit strongly.

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