Magic Bullets

From an ESPN piece on Ryan Lochte, who is looking to spoil Michael Phelps’ final Olympics next month:

“I’m not the most talented swimmer,” Lochte adds. “So I try to outwork everyone else.”

It’s Sunday. A day of rest. The others who train with Lochte at the University of Florida are at home relaxing before another 30-hour week in the pool. But like nearly every other Sunday for the past three years, Lochte is under the intensity-fueled watch of DeLancey, a former Strongman competitor. With DeLancey barking encouragement, Lochte flips tires, pulls chains, lifts metal logs and throws kegs with the hope that this summer, it will all make it easier to shove water out of his way.

“People are always looking for the magic bullet,” DeLancey says. “They want to find the fairy dust that will make them a world champion. But there is no fairy dust. The magic bullet is busting your ass. And nobody is willing to do that like this kid.”

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