Lazy, Weak and Dumb

People overwhelmingly think they’re smarter, stronger, more industrious and better looking than they really are.  To some extent, this is healthy.  If most of us realized how ugly and dumb we really were, we’d have trouble leaving the house, landing a job, and scoring a mate.  But it hurts us when we want to accomplish something.  We set ourselves up for failure by setting poor goals.

The most successful people I know do set large, ambitious goals for themselves, but they realize that they’re lazy, weak, and dumb.  They realize that simply saying to themselves “I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 3 months” is never going to work.  So instead, they set goals as endpoints, but they use systems to achieve those goals.  They decide, in advance, that they will go to the gym from 6:00 – 7:00 every weekday.  They decide that every morning they will have one egg and one spinach smoothie, and every evening they will have one piece of fish with rice.  They realize that amorphous goals will get them nowhere, so they set up a system they can stick with and let the results, for the most part, take care of themselves.

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One Response to Lazy, Weak and Dumb

  1. nan says:

    Great advice, and impressive how you just made the point clear in a few simple words . I wonder if you have read Scott Adams old blog post about goals versus systems, or you based your advice in other recommendation or personal discovery. I remember finding that post and at that single moment, I had the insight, and changed since then my way of approaching long term goals, then many dexterities I wanted to master came achieved simply by themselves just by following a simple daily plan for a long time.

    I found the Scott’s post, here it is: He even wrote a full book around that principle after (A good reading also).

    I have been reading your blog, since a few days ago, where I discovered a link from MMM blog. It’s a pleasure to read your work, and it’s also pretty useful for life in general (ex. I even got to read your stoics suggested book).

    I leave you with my recommendation for a book to read, if it’s suits you, that I think you will enjoy, for it’s complexity, stoics roots, and deep of thought: Skin in the game, Nassim Taleb.

    Hasta pronto, Nan!

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