“I Have a Problem”

Problems are generally thought of as bad things.  And, for the people afflicted with those problems, they undoubtedly are.

But problems are what drive the service industry.  People’s problems managing or finding time create opportunities for personal assistants, shoppers, organizers, dry cleaners, restaurants, dog walkers, maids, etc., ad nauseum.  People’s problems managing money create opportunities for accountants and personal finance gurus.  People’s problems with physical or mental ailments create opportunities for doctors.  People’s problems with the government, or other people, create opportunities for lawyers.

If you’re in the service industry, your job is to help people solve their problems.

Anytime your phone rings, it’s because someone has a problem that they need help solving.

Recognize this, joyfully, and skillfully, solve their problem, and they’ll come back to you every time they encounter a new problem.

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