How To Not Get Sick

I haven’t had a cold in three years.  I haven’t had the flu in… I honestly don’t even know how long.  I touch door handles (gasp!).  I shake people’s hands all day long (swoon!).  I eat stuff that falls on the floor.  What’s my secret?

First, I don’t constantly think about getting sick.  Second, I get an adequate amount of sleep:

Prof Erol Fikrig, who conducted the study at Yale University, said they had found a “direct molecular link between circadian rhythms and the immune system”, which could have “important implications for the prevention and treatment of disease”.

He added: “It does appear that disruptions of the circadian clock influence our susceptibility to pathogens.”

Not much to it.  The sleep is critical, but I really do think the mental aspect plays a bigger role than people might think.  Nobody seems to get sick more often than the people who are always advising you not to do this or that, for fear you’ll catch a bug. Those of us who never think about it seem to do just fine.

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  1. what do you say about a daughter is severely depressed and on dissability and think she knows more than you do . She is 57 and I her mother is 77

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