How To Make Good Decisions

There are a lot of people who seem to have miserable luck and tough lives.  They end up with significant others that cheat on them or leave them.  They make bad investments or get caught up in scams.  They have friends or children who are always in trouble and always need help.  They live with constant drama and turmoil.

The thing is, luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.  People with constant bad luck are simply bad decision makers.  People become bad decision makers because they never think about how they make decisions.  They decide impulsively, or with their gut, or because they horoscope is pointing towards Saturn, or based on some equally ridiculous reason.

The key is to think systematically. Every decision you make should flow out of the same basic analysis.

  1. What do you want the outcome to be?
  2. What are the available options that lead to that outcome?
  3. What else might result from each of those available options?
  4. What are the costs and benefits of each of those options?

Then you pick the available option with the greatest benefits.  Simple.  Using systematic thinking like this makes all decisions better, whether you’re trying to decide which blender to buy, which career path to follow, or which woman to marry.

Strangely, even decent decision makers often ignore the first question, particularly on big issues, like “Should I marry this girl?”  I guarantee you Hugh Hefner never asked himself  question number one when he nearly married his last girlfriend.  What would the answer have been?  “I want someone to love and care for me when my health starts to fail.”?  “I want someone who’s going to be a good mother to my kids.”? “I want a nice person who I can enjoy the rest of my time on this planet with.”?  I’m going to guess that the only outcome he was thinking of was “I want to continue to nail this peroxide blonde that looks exactly like the last 47 peroxide blondes I’ve nailed over the last half century because she’s extra good at tickling my balls and doesn’t complain about my halitosis.”  Or something close to that anyways.

The point is, implementing a system by which all your decisions are made will result in better decision making, and a happier life.

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