How Do I Improve?

Someone wrote to me today asking how to improve their photography.  I wrote back a short reply, and realized it is in no way limited to photography:

Hi S.,

Thanks very much!

My advice to you would be to look at great photos everyday. The world is now full of phenomenal photography. Devour as much of it as you can. Break down why you like the photos you like. Find a photo you enjoy and examine the light, the composition, the color, everything about it.

Then, shoot at least one photo a day, every day. Many days you will be very busy, or very tired, but shoot something anyways. It’s those times where you’re sitting at your desk at 11:30 at night, realizing you haven’t shot anything yet, and searching around your desk and room for a new composition that really helps you understand how to make a photo.

Do that for six months and you’ll regularly be producing good work. Do that for six years, and you’ll regularly be producing fantastic work.

It’s funny that sometimes answers are so obvious in one realm, because we have experience there, but completely escape us in another, even when those answers are exactly the same.

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