How you eat your eggs is a good barometer for how you live your life.

There are people who do nothing but grab a plain hard boiled egg as they run out of the house in the morning.  Their eggs are nourishment, and not much more.

Then there’s people who take five minutes to make themselves an omelette or some nice scrambled eggs, and five minutes to enjoy them.  Those ten minutes are a pleasure to enjoy in the morning, and they set the tone for the rest of the day.

Whether you eat eggs or not, the point is that much of your quality of life isn’t dependent on money.  Hard boiled eggs are no cheaper than a nice omelette.  The only cost is modicum of thought and effort.  Quality of life is largely a choice.

For those of you who do eat eggs, here’s Gordon Ramsey showing how to make fantastic scrambled eggs in less than five minutes:

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