Did I Take That Pill?

I take vitamins every night, after I get home from work.  By that point I’m tired, I’m thinking about a million different things that need to get done in the short time between getting home and going to bed.

“Shit.  Did I already take my vitamins?”  I found myself saying that more frequently than I’d like.  Now, they’re vitamins, not Vicodin, so a mistake doesn’t matter all that much.  Maybe a waste of money, but no big deal.  Still, I’d wanted to break this habit.

The solution?

Oral confirmation.

Whenever I swallow those capsules, I literally say, “It’s Thursday.  I’m taking my vitamins.”

Ya, I could buy one of those goofy wheels or pill dispensers, but this works just as well.  So far, I have not had to second guess whether I’ve completed my nightly routine.  And, better still, this technique is free and works on just about any routinely performed task.


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