Once you obtain a certain level of success, some people start to act strangely.  They wonder aloud why you’re not content with what you’ve already achieved.  Whether it stems from a desire to see you not get further ahead or something else, they begin see the ambition that got you to this point as a flaw.  Now that you’re at their level, or slightly above, they become angry that you’re not stopping.  That you’re not content.

But there’s a difference between being satisfied and being content.  Satisfaction is about looking behind you and seeing work that you’re proud to have accomplished.  Contentment is about looking forward and seeing nothing that needs doing.  Content people don’t change the world.  They don’t need to.  They’re already content.

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  1. Wan says:

    “Content people don’t change the world. They don’t need to. They’re already content.”

    So much truth in three sentences.

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