Confinement v. Fear

Many people hate the process of going to their job, putting in their time, and coming home every day.  They think being self-employed would be the ultimate freedom.  “If I didn’t have a schedule, if I could work when I wanted to, I’d be so much happier.” There’s a ton of security in knowing when your next paycheck is going to come and how big it’s going to be, but with that security comes some confinement.  When someone else is paying the bills, you show up when he tells you to.

Many self-employed people, even those who have already “made it”, are constantly fearful of losing it.  “If I just knew where my next mortgage payment was coming from, I’d be so much less stressed.”  When one bad decision can undo years of hard work, there’s just a tiny bit of stress in your life.  There’s a ton of freedom in knowing you can take off whenever you want, without having to report to anyone, but that freedom also means you’re on your own.  If you don’t produce, no one is going to cover your bills that month.

These are important things to think about before deciding to strike out on your own.  Not everyone can handle being self-employed, and not everyone can handle being employed.

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