…But No One Else Is Doing It

It’s scary if you’re the only one doing something.  The immediate thought is that you must be doing something wrong.  Surely, if you were right, someone else would be doing it.

Sometimes, that’s true.  Nobody is selling bacon-flavored oxygen because that’s dumb and no one would buy it. (Oh, wait…)

But many times, no one else is doing it simply because it’s scary.  You might have experienced this on your own scale.  None of your friends are starting their own businesses, or getting a medical or law degree, or buying a house.  Does that mean people that do start a business, or get a medical degree, or buy a house are wrong?  Probably not.  In fact, people that do those things are probably right, in the long term.  But they’re still scary things to have to do right now.  And so many people avoid doing them.

If you find yourself scared of doing something, that’s a pretty good indication that it might be worth doing.

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