Beat Procrastination By Being Self-Centered

If you work any sort of normal job, you’re probably forced to do a lot of stuff you’re not terribly enthusiastic about doing.  Paradoxically, this work can often take longer because we tend to lose focus.  We stall, we procrastinate, we get easily distracted.  So, what do we do about this?

Find a way to profit off of whatever you have to be doing.  Create your own stake in your crappy little task.

For example, let’s say you have to do a lot of research at your particular job.  Research can be tedious and boring if it’s about something that doesn’t particularly interest you.  So, if you regularly get these tasks, think of how you could personally profit from them.  Maybe you could churn out blog posts on the topics, or write a white paper about this issues that you could market online.  If that sort of thing is frowned upon by your employer, maybe you could create a handbook on the subject that your whole company could benefit from.

Maybe you’re an IT guy who constantly has to show people basic computer fixes.  Maybe next time you’re called to do something you find tedious, you can do a screen cast of how to fix it.  You could publish this stuff company wide, which might mean less stupid questions for you, or throw it on youtube and start to grow a following worldwide.  You can apply this to just about anything, no matter how mundane.  All processes could be improved.

Always think about how to turn projects that you’re forced to do into projects for your own benefit.

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