Attitudes are infectious.

It’s why the happy, gregarious guy is always the life of the party and the center of attention.  Everyone wants some of that happiness.  It’s also why everyone avoids the depressed, quiet guy.  It’s actually easier to get bummed out by someone that it is to get inspired or uplifted.

This isn’t important just because we want to be happy or avoid sadness: attitude really is everything.  It affects every part of your life.  The happy, gregarious guy isn’t just the life of the party.  He’s the guy who everybody likes all the time.  He’s the one who gets hired.  He gets the prettier, smarter, funnier girl.  He gets the promotion.  A great attitude cultivates friendship, and friendship cultivates success.  And of course, success breeds more success.

It’s like celebrities that present at the Oscars: the last people on the planet who need $60,000 worth of free shit are the ones that get it.  The winners get to keep accumulating easy wins.

People want to be around other people who are fun, happy, and successful.  You have the ability to change the first two at any time.  Doing so usually produces the third.

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2 Responses to Attitude

  1. Mary says:

    Please allow me to be a devil’s advocate, but it’s a bit disappointing to see this kind of post on your blog. I like your blog because of your stoicism and constructive criticism but the idea described above is just so overused media-controlled cheap idea. Are fun and happy the tools to achieve all these? or the other way around? Isn’t it possible that the people you picture in your mind seem to be fun and happy because now they have whatever things you mentioned?

    Did Marcus Aurelius try to be all fun and happy to get promoted?

    • AJ Kessler says:

      Hi Mary,

      You’ve confused necessary and sufficient conditions.

      The point is that it’s simply harder to succeed if you have a poor attitude. People don’t like to be around miserable people, and you need other people to be successful.

      Obviously attitude isn’t sufficient. There’s plenty of happy-go-lucky people who never accomplish anything. But, it’s extremely rare to find miserable people who are successful.

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