A Plant Frequently Moved Never Grows Strong

A plant which is frequently moved never grows strong.

People who spend their whole life traveling abroad end up having plenty of places where they can find hospitality but no real friendships.

We place a big emphasis, and not wrongly, on exposing ourselves to as many new things as possible.  In the long run, this pays tremendous dividends.  But, in the long run, what makes life rich is getting really, really good at the things you enjoy doing.  This is hard if all we ever do is flit from one place to another, from one thing to another.  You just never have the time to master anything.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t read the latest trade journals or business books or follow the latest fad in whatever it is you’re into.  But don’t let that be all you do.

Each day, too, acquire something that will help you face poverty, or death, and other ills as well.  After running over a lot of different thoughts, pick out one to be digested thoroughly that day.

– Seneca, Letter II

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